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Znake, the bloodiest Snake-like ever published.

The year is 2020, the world lays in shambles after a decade of econimic crisis, war, and civil unrest. The final nail in the world's coffin was the outbreak of the HAM Virus, which turns each living thing it touches into a flesh hungry green-skinned monstrosity. HAM spread across the globe in a matter of weeks, infecting and corrupting even the farthest corners of each continent. Our already crumbling world was thrust even farther into chaos. Ultimately, any hope of a return to normalcy was dashed when the first of the nuclear weapons was fired.

In this chaos large gangs of your standard apocalyptic raiders sprung up across most major continents, each with their own little quirks, but essentially interchangeable. One such gang Schloopy Doppers, who like to capture Zombie Doyen (Zombies that naturally lead the lesser undead to and fro) and force the undead to wander around their arena to eat prisoners for their own entertainment. You are one such Doyen.


Znake_v9.exe 2 MB
znakev10.apk 8 MB

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Wyatt White

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