Gold 2 Update

Fairly small update, but an important one! Since this is our first non-emergency update, it's mostly some cosmetic updates, some RNG tweaks, and some minor balance changes. Below there's a short list of changes that were made.

  • Fixed Vendor screen bug
  • Fixed old portrait showing for certain NPC's
  • Added new dog sprite(world)
  • Added new dog sprite(Dialogue)
  • Corrected Bounty spellings(I'm illiterate!)
  • Tweaked wall collision boxes 
  • Tweaked weapon spawn tables(decreased early power-weapon spawn)
  • Added snowballs (December only!!)
  • Fixed Santa spawning (December only!!)


Wyatt White


WayDown_update(11-15-18) 27 MB
Nov 16, 2018

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