A downloadable game for Windows

Ghardener is a completely free gardening game for everyone. Crossing the pure joy of gardening and the low-stakes of social games to make a truly chill experience.

  • Grow plants: Plants grow while you're away
  • Meet friends: meet and befriend folks in town 
  • Play offline: No central servers or network communication needed
  • No money, No problem: No micro-transactions, no fees, no adds. Ghardener is entirely non-monetized 

Wanna be pert of Development?

Ghardener is a community project that looks to those that play for content., if you want to add a flower or plant, check out the Google Drive where you can submit the graphics and info needed to create a new flower for Ghardener or if you'd like to contribute code, check out the Github repo

Current Developers:

Wyatt White - Coder

Install instructions


  • Add NPC spawning framework
  •  don't save town location to io
  • add a file location check to file loading (otherwise we get a crash)
  • flowers only have a 1/3 chance of dropping a seed when fully grown


Ghardener_0003.exe 15 MB

Development log