A downloadable game for Windows

Currently untitled F3AR spiritual successor, specifically interested in continuing the F*CKING RUN mode and Fetel's possession mechanics.

Story elements by Michael & Wyatt White

Code and Design : Wyatt White

CakeNeq Games, Wyatt White, Michael White, and this game are in no way legally affiliated with WB Games, or Day1 Studios. We just think they made a dope game and want to make something that pays tribute, while also taking their ideas and running with them.

This project is shelved until further notice

Design outline/bible

00011 Big Changes

  • Added player & goblin sprite-sets
  • Final release, game has been officially shelved

Install instructions

Build Alpha 00011 Changelog

  • Make emotion import an array (emotion,title, body, text happy,text sad, text angry, port_happy, port_sad, port_angry,seed)
  • add Player spriteset(U,d,l,r,stat,dead)
  • add gorblin spriteset(u,d,l,r,eviscerate,dead)
  • make vbucks persistent
  • implement aura
  • remove Aura
  • add cat speech
  • add cat level


URDEMON_proto00011_RIP.zip 2 MB