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Phenomenal first person shooter, truly one of the more unique things I've played in the last year.” –GiuseppeFPS

“Once you get into it once you learn how to rack up those points, it gets, dare I say addicting” -Ironfacebuster

Reach out and connect. 

Drop into the shoes of Lynn, a normal girl thrust into a conflict over the hearts of a generation. The Soul King holds each dreamer in his grip, submerging them deep into dreams or nightmares hoping to keep their power for himself. Lynn must break them free of their chains by delving into each dreamer's personal dreamscape, fighting their inner fears, anxieties, or just the ferocious minions of the Soul King to reach the mind at the core of the dream. Each dreamer you free the Soul King's iron grip, so maybe with enough you'll be able to shake free of his grasp and defeat him once and for all.

Levels are clear and readable, creating direction through nearly every map. Enemies stick out from their environment and hurl dodgeable projectile attacks. 

Each dream is guarded not only by the Soul King's minions, but also by a wall of death that pursues you every step of the way. Outrun it, or be doomed.

A Unique layered soundtrack ebbs and flows with you as you progress through dreams. Each level has it's own song, composed specifically for Soul King by the talented Brandon Calhoun.

The Gauntlet provides a remix experience of the Soul King maps you've grown to love (and sometimes hate) providing both on-demand remixed levels as well as a weekly competitive remix that allows you to compete with other players for leaderboard placement. Each of these generated levels includes all-new finales with challenge-focused final maps that are sure to push your skills and our tools to the max, as well as small story connections that hint at what may be in store for Lynn in her next quest.

Content Warning: Retro FPS blood action, foam blasters, infrequent language


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

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