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Raven's Nest is dead, Long Live Raven's Nest

Since it's officially cancelled and scrapped, I'm posting the two final prototypes for archival and later getting of jollies.

ravennest_mech_final.zip: The original iteration of Raven's Nest as a more open and gameplay-focused title. Customize the kit on a Snow Cat, select a mission, and wreck SimpFuel's shit. Was a really interesting game to work on, and I'd still like to come back to it one day, but at this point it's not something I'm interested in continuing and so it's been left in the dust.

ravennest_shooter_final.zip(otherwise known as RN2): The second iteration of Raven's Nest, a more story focused linear shooter about making friends and wrecking SimpFuel's shit. Pick some guns, take some cover, shoot some drones/guards/mosquitors. Gameplay is sort of a generic top-down shooter mish-mash, and while I like the story we ended up writing for RN2, very little of it actually made it into the game itself. I'm happy with some of the gunplay and the simple cover mechanics were fun to implement. Honestly I don't really see myself ever coming back to this one, as it lacks the mechanical focus of the first, and the story iteself isn't enough to reel me back in.


ravennest_mech_final.zip 4 MB
ravennest_shooter_final.zip 5 MB

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